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Job loss through downsizing and corporate restructuring is difficult for most people.

The future you’ve worked hard for should stay bright, but knowing and understanding your choices is imperative.

At the time of job loss, many people make hasty, uninformed decisions regarding their benefits and finances. We know this because we are often confronted with situations, after the fact, that are difficult to reverse.

Wrong choices, however, can be prevented if people are given objective advice through outplacement and transition consulting up front, and Integrated Wealth Strategies specializes in providing that timely advice through outplacement and transition consulting.

Since 1998, Rich Lombardi has offered his objectivity and dedicated service to individuals looking for support through job loss due to downsizing and corporate restructuring. Rich’s mission is to guide clients through life’s transitions and inspire them to financial independence.

What are you waiting for? Change is difficult, and we’re here to help.

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